How to choose toys for children?

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Toys as an indispensable tool for parents to communicate with children, help children develop intelligence, stimulate curiosity, foster imagination and creative energy.

But before a variety of toys very attractive visually, especially those toys are very attractive advertised as “intelligence helps develop the child,” parents do not have a headache at the selection of toys as How to fit the child’s development, at the same time wondering whether “advertisement” other real or not. The following article is a reference to the program parenting advice “Sukusuku kosodate” on NHK, hopes to answer is somewhat puzzling that for parents.

How to choose toys for children 1

1. Criteria for selecting toys:
When purchasing toys for children three most important things that parents must keep in mind:

– Toys that can play with others, parents are able to communicate, talk with her children through toys.
– Toys that foster the ability to focus on children, or it will be changed when children play or impact on it.
– If possible, the handmade toy is the best choice because it has a special meaning for children: children feel the love of our parents, save the childhood memories of youth.

How to choose toys for children 2

2. The development toys intelligence: how much is good?
Many families have very positive conditions for investments toys to help children develop intellectually. What are the types of puzzles, clay to clay, puzzle, musical instruments make sounds, piano, to the kind of flash cards, finger dexterity educational methods famous in the world .. . packed into the room. But in addition to stimulating desire to discover and nurture the intellectual left side of it is fast bored young and long refused to focus on a game at all. Sometimes parents do not know well perturbed should let children how to play effectively. So how to solve here is like?

Actually, no need to buy too many toys because for children just a little two items really love and concentrate on toys that will be much more effective than being exposed to many things play only for a short time.

Miyazaki (director famous cartoon world of Japan, who created the film charmed millions of viewers around the world as the movie “The Adventures of Chihiro into spirited”) was had advised the parents that for just for young children watching a cartoon and all, a favorite toy is enough because the items that kids really love them is passionate creative juices flowing children later.

If parents want to buy a lot of toys, but still want to use it effectively, it is best to take only a day to a limited number of toys within the mother and child can move it within 2-3 min should not expose too much. Is scheduled to play next week to use all effective toys.

How to choose toys for children 3

3. How to use toys like?
The most important purpose of toys is to use it as a tool for parents and children talk or interact with each other. Also, it does not necessarily have to fun games, noisy, it can also be quiet so they can concentrate. With a toy, parents can transform it into different toys. Can it be made from simple devices in the family, or from unused junk anymore, but just a little observant parents can create a nice surprise for the children.

For example with the ball with the hexagonal holes can parents stuffed animal stuffed and rolled into the children see, can string wire through and then tilt the ball rolling under the ropes.

Choose wooden puzzle but with a sound to let them shake, or for that log on to your child rattle box. Maybe for a few marbles in clear plastic bottles to hold shaking infants. These are very simple examples that parents can take advantage of the tools around you to make toys for the children. It is important that toys are making both parents and children are fun and bring a refreshing smile. Sometimes parents observe the child’s play so that new ideas come up matching gameplay.

When children reach age 3 onwards parents to let children choose toys, and just sit inside yourself to see how children play and participate when they want.

How to choose toys for children 4

4. Choose toys for each age group:
For each period January 3 children will have different development and parents should be aware that the young stages of what is developing in order to find suitable toys.
For example, children under 1 year period, the nurturing of 5 senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste is the most important thing. The best games for children is their mother’s voice, her mother’s smile, sometimes even dance movements to making jokes, playing the crane, causing the aircraft, making informal horses are the closest game.

The first 6-month period for auditory and visual development of the child is, in addition to their mother’s voice to let them play sound toys as spheres or stuffed animals come in many colors but when young shook it will emit cries. At the same time, a little older children enjoyed looking at moving objects should take the baby to see the ball just rolled just a sound.

Or when a child has to sit or children walking and playing with tie trailers so they can pull, or drag to push down the bear. Through such games children will realize their process and their impressive pulling and moving objects.

How to choose toys for children 5

Here are a few more specific suggestions on toys for each age group:
– 5 month: to train his fingers infant baby to pick plastic bottle caps, pieces of adhesive strip collective stick, water bottle with marbles.

– 6-12 months: make a secret box for your child to hand in and pulled out. Drum. Peek-a-boo makes two core role of paper rolls. Recycled yogurt containers from toys emit noise and deformations of the pull, shake to roll the ball through.

– 13-18 months: Learning to walk on a straight line, playing with clothespin and making it into a smiley face lions, playing with drawstrings box, watercolor collection phase, moving from barrel to barrel furniture other.

– 19-24 months: playing soap bubbles, fishing, shooting hoops in the column, through wire beaded, training as a singer, cooking sets with props made from foam board, set back under the strokes of the brush available.
– 23-36 months: playing model trains, jigsaw, puzzles, clay molding, painting …


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